Eleiko –  Coaching Skills In Olympic Lifting

Workshop with Anders Lindsjö.

An everyday challenge for a coach is to find the right exercise and give the right instruction in the right way.

During this workshop we will cover lifting analysis, how to categorize exercises, choosing the right exercise, method of technique and the 4/4 coaching model.

We will primarily focus on technique enhancement based on the principles of weight lifting and teaching models for more efficient learning.

The workshop is both practical and theoretical. All participants will practice exercises to develop first, second and third pull, as well as mobility in the catch phase.

Eleiko – Embracing Uncertainty – Designing CrossFit Group Setting Programs
Workshop with Martin Altemark.


Perceiving yourself as someone that have an active lifestyle in itself seem to matter in order to increase health. Therefore the most important thing we do is probably accommodating for individuality when dealing with our members and designing their training programs.

If variation is too frequent and too broad, then training stimuli will fail to cause adaptation in the things our members consider important. Alternatively, if there is too little variation then the member will be exposed to the negative consequences associated with training monotony resulting in diminishing returns, overuse injuries, over-reaching, burnout, staleness and decreasing motivation.

The linear logic of many traditional assumptions blinds us to believe there are set rules to follow, when there are a just wide range of better or worse possibilities. When we believe in such rules we are not as alert and open to the possibilities as it should be. Every situation and every individual is inevitable unique and as such we should design processes to be sensitive to emerging information. Not only does this allow for a perspective from a more neutral view stimulating what we can call critical thinking, but it will also allow for better communication with the members. As “buy-in”, “sense of ownership”, “sense of control”, “sense of purpose” or belief in a plan is associated with better results in health and consistency for the trainee these processes becomes very important for the success of you as well.

Group training has many built-in benefits that work to keep members coming back for training such as enhanced motivation, accountability, fun and support. But as designing training program is about resolving unsolvable paradoxes this is a hard task. Especially for groups made up of many different individuals with very different habits. Where someone come in once every other week, and someone five times per week, someone is resilient and someone is fragile, someone is mobile and someone is stiff, etc. The risk of over or under stimulating participants in such a program is obviously very high.

When faced with so many choices with such woefully incomplete information it is very easy to get stuck to the idea of the optimal program with set rules, where we would be better off to go for robust flexible one. Such a robust program would be more resilient to unexpected changes, lack of information, uncertainties and changes in training context like the ones we all see working in CrossFit boxes or similar gyms.

We shall learn to design such robust process driven training programs in order to both reap the benefits of group training and try to minimize the downsides coming from a high level of uncertainty.


About Martin
Martin Altemark, Eleiko educator and Avid CrossFitter since 2006, opened Swedens first affiliate in 2009 which he still owns and operates together with his colleagues. Been involved in organizing both local events as well as organizing events like the Regionals, as well as coached at all levels including multiple times at the CrossFit Games. His favorite subject in the world of training is probably what goes into making a training program great. Been working as an educator for Eleiko both nationally and internationally the last couple of years, he feels it’s great to be on “his home turf” for the Coaches Congress!

The Eleiko workshop is taking place at CF 162 West during Coaches Congress on  Friday January 24, ca 11:00-17:00. In order to book your spot, please send an e-mail to per@crossfitnorrtalje.se . The workshop is free for attendees of the Coaches Congress 2020.