As a business owner, it is easy to lose track and direction. There are so many things to handle, so many ideas to act on and so many fires to put out.

Coaches Congress aims to give you direction and set you on a path towards your Perfect Day! We are going to deliver keynote presentations as well as workshops that will help you grow your business in a sustainable way. It IS possible to be an entrepreneur in the fitness industry and be profitable without working your butt off!

2021 will give you another great line up of presenters!

Although we haven’t finished our plans for who will be arriving to give you inspiration as an owner during 2021, we will be keeping the same high class as we presented over the past few years.

Last year we had Nicole Aucoin from Healthy Steps Nutrition, Keegan Martin, from the world famous Brand X Method – a company that develops world class programs for children and youth.
We had OPEX Fitness represented by Jim Crowell and Carl Hardwick, and Ami Redkvist, owner of CrossFit Varberg, that told her story and her experiences in striving for strategies to get closer to her Perfect Day!

Familiar faces

We could not resist to bring back some of last years favourites! Two Brain Business, Nathan Holiday from Level Method, and Eleiko, our well-known partner who weightlifting workshops and inspirational and educational lectures.