Schedule information

Since we have so many participants and so little time we’ve decided to split the lectures given by Eleiko.

So you will spend the first half of the day with Martin and “Decision making for CrossFit programming” or with Anders and “Coaching skills in Olympic lifting” and then switch after half the day.

This means we can focus more on you rather then holding two big lectures we’re holding four medium sized ones.

12.00 – 14.15 Eleiko – Decision making for CrossFit programming

Workshop with Martin Altemark.

How to “skin the cat”, how does a decision-making process look like, and what is the problem with traditional periodization models. We will also get into the “meat and potatoes” and lay out a plan, largely involving the development of skills together with the traditional bio-motor abilities.

About Martin
Martin Altemark, Eleiko educator and Avid CrossFitter since 2006, opened Swedens first affiliate in 2009 which he still owns and operates together with his colleagues. Been involved in organizing both local events as well as organizing events like the Regionals, as well as coached at all levels including multiple times at the CrossFit Games. His favorite subject in the world of training is probably what goes into making a training program great. Been working as an educator for Eleiko both nationally and internationally the last couple of years, he feels it’s great to be on “his home turf” for the Coaches Congress!

14.45 – 17.00 Eleiko, Coaching skills in Olympic lifting

Workshop with Anders Lindsjö.

An everyday challenge for a coach is to find the right exercise and give the right instruction in the right way.

During this workshop we will cover lifting analysis, how to categorize exercises, choosing the right exercise, method of technique and the 4/4 coaching model.

We will primarily focus on technique enhancement based on the principles of weight lifting and teaching models for more efficient learning.

The workshop is both practical and theoretical. All participants will practice exercises to develop first, second and third pull, as well as mobility in the catch phase.

About Anders
Anders Lindsjö, Eleiko Educator, partner and educator on Athletic Sports School and co-writer to the Swedish Weightlifting Association’s educational program. Anders works as a coach and lecturer on the national physical education program in Helsingborg, mainly with performance development. He also works as an adviser for several national federations, teams and athletes. Anders competed for the Swedish weightlifting team in the Olympics in -92 and has coached several elite level teams and athletes in a variety of sports.