As a coach in the micro-gym industry, you need to have many different skills. Advanced coaching knowledge, the ability to nurture strong relationships and establish trust, knowing how to sell, understanding the importance of communicating your brand and establishing expertise on social media and other media channels.

Being a coach in the micro-gym industry also provides you with unique opportunities that you perhaps would not find in “globo” gyms and in more traditional gyms. We, as micro-gyms, can challenge traditions and old ways of doing things. We can focus a hundred per cent on quality instead of volume.

If we want that to happen we need to understand HOW to do it. It takes another kind of business and it takes other systems. Gym owners need to build organizations where coaches can build a professional career. Coaches need to understand how that works and what they need to do.

Coaches Congress gives owners and coaches that knowledge. Coaches Congress provides the best speakers and a network full of likeminded people. Listen to, and learn, from others. Share ideas and use that to improve yourself and your gym. A professional career in the micro-gym business IS possible, and you CAN make a good living as a coach!

Lots of news!

We are working hard to give you an amazing line up with some great new presenters for 2021. As usual, we give you the best there is!

Familiar brands and faces

Coaches Congress would not be complete without having mentors from Two Brain Business as speakers. Inspiring presentations and workshops on varying topics such as; “Unslimy Sales”, “Make a 100 dollars an hour” and “Level 2 coaching”

Our long time partner, Eleiko, presents a very strong line up and will be offering workshops and lectures throughout the weekend. Last year, Eleiko hosted a very popular Friday for all coaches and we are keeping that format. Expect to be challenged and motivated!