How to make a change

Back to reality and back to life changing business. We need to keep motivation up! It is easy to get overwhelmed when we come home from Coaches Congress. The inspiration and high we had this weekend is quickly coming down. And I want to help you not to lose that inspiration and now get to […]

Client Journey

Understanding the customer’s needs Every client experience our services in a unique way. Whether it be a 90 day process, personal training, nutrition coaching, starting Mama CrossFit or perhaps kids/teens. We call that experience their ”Client Journey”. What we want to do is design a client journey, no matter WHAT journey, in a way that […]

How We Do Individual Programming In Our Gyms

Introduction – Potentiality If you are not providing your cliental the opportunity to invest in individual programming, then you are missing out on a potential revenue stream for your company. Besides missing out on a potential revenue stream for your gym and your coaches, you’re denying your coaches the opportunity to further develop their coaching […]