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Shawn Rider

Shawn Rider is the Founder/Owner of Shenandoah.Fit and a certified Two Brain Business Mentor. He knows what it’s like to start from scratch. After dissolving his first gym with a business partner, he took nine clients and started over, building his current gym to what it is today. Shawn is functionally retired at the age of 33 and now helps other business owners progress toward their perfect day.

“There was no better professional feeling than taking a gym from nothing to something and having the opportunity to own a gym full time, build it to provide for my family and our team members, and now be able to help others do the same”, he said.

Shawn has a passion for entrepreneurship and loves helping other entrepreneurs navigate the path to success.

“I’m always asking ‘Who’s next? How can I help as many people as possible feel this feeling of freedom?’”

A self-described “decision-making generalist,” Shawn’s specialty lies in helping gym owners develop as leaders, and his mission is “to guide gym owners to freedom and wealth, both with time and money.” He also has a flair for branding and social media.

Shawn holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Marketing Education with a minor in Economics from Appalachian State University and is a former FCS Division I national champion football player. He currently lives in Winchester, Virginia, United States with his wife, 4 year old daughter, 1 year old son, and their two goldendoodles. His presentation at Coaches Congress is titled “The Prescriptive Model: Setting New Clients (and your business) Up for Success.”