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Sam Smith


Sam has had quite the experience when it comes to athletic endeavors. At 9, he began his pursuit of competitive golf, which ultimately landed him a scholarship at the University of Southern California.

Early in his college years he came across Crossfit and was instantly hooked. This led to a deep exploration into exercise, performance, psychology, nutrition, movement, and the why behind it all. After some discussion with James FitzGerald, he quickly realized his true purpose was rooted in helping others reach their true potential whether it be in performance or health.

Over the past 5 years, Sam has specialized in working with competitive Crossfitters across the spectrum of abilities. From those wanting to compete in their first Crossfit Open to nearly a dozen CrossFit Games athletes.

When Sam isn’t designing programs or consulting with clients, he enjoys playing golf, tennis, hiking, reading books, BBQing, finding the perfect ice cream shop, or spending time with friends and building memories.