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While growing up in Sweden, Oskar played almost every sport imaginable. Hockey became his first true love and he played at the highest level until he was 20. When not turning professional, he became a decent university student with degrees in Business and Systems Management.

For well over a decade Oskar was wearing a suit and tie while working as a corporate banker. Even though he likes numbers and spreadsheets he still has a heart and emotions. Some call him passionate, some impatient. Regardless of the word, it comes from a feeling of having to help others the way others have helped him.

He came in contact with CrossFit 2010 when he was recovering from an ACL surgery. In 2012 Oskar and his wife went to Zambia to adopt their daughter Emma. It was supposed to take 4 months but they had to stay for 11 months. The CrossFit Journal was about all that he had access to for “killing time”. While in Zambia he decided to quit his job as a banker when he got home and try to improve the world through CrossFit instead.

Oskar splits his time between being the co-owner of CrossFit Medis, traveling the world on the weekends as a member of the CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff and being a mentor at Two-Brain. By working alongside the best trainers and mentors in the world he constantly have to evolve. Why the need to evolve? He wants to educate and inspire people to go to places they don’t dare dreaming of.