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Among the many signs and posters that adorn the walls of Level Method’s headquarters in Lake Forest, Calif. none is as important as the one that reads “Assess. Address. Progress.” It’s the cornerstone of this up-and-coming company and a real life mantra of their CEO Nathan Holiday.

After coming back from deployment with the US Army in 2008, Holiday began his functional fitness career. He sustained an injury to his Achilles in 2011 while training for The Games that diverted his path from athletic self-mastery to one of service. He explored the teachings of world philosophies, religions, nutrition, and modern sciences and dove head first into coaching and business development. There, he was confronted with the common challenges of athletes plateauing in their progress and/or sustaining injuries, not to mention member retention, acquisition and staff disengagement issues on the business side.

After a few challenging years, several a-ha moments, and thousands of hours of research and development, he and his business partner Sean Buck created a system for gyms who are unwilling to compromise on the quality and integrity of their service. Level Method taps into a powerful emotional connection between members, their gym community, and their collective pursuit of excellence.

“The core of everything we do at Level Method is predicated on the concept of long-term, sustained health, and wellness of both the athlete and the gym businesses,” says Holiday. “Our growth isn’t due to flashy marketing and big budgets. It’s because it actually works, we’ve obsessively created something so many gym owners, coaches, and athletes have a need for. We give it our all.”