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Connell’s passion is operations. Her systematic approach to business is what led her to functional retirement in less than 2 years of CrossFit gym ownership, in a town of about 2,500 people.

Being functionally retired from the gym also gave Kaleda the freedom to start a new chapter in life: guiding other entrepreneurs on their dream path.

Her success caught the eye of Two-Brain Business, where she was invited to become a Two-Brain Business mentor. In 2018, she teamed up with John Franklin and Mateo Lopez to help them standardize their Two-Brain Marketing educational product and become the head of the Two-Brain sales team.

In late 2019, she sold the gym to her general manager to devote her time to mentoring gym owners. After Kaleda helped add 500 clients to Two-Brain Business in a single year, she joined John and Mateo when they formed Gym Lead Machine and is now the Chief Executive Officer.

Gym Lead Machine has gone from tech start-up to international success. In just over a year, Gym Lead Machine has grown to serve over 600 gym owners around the world and employs over 25 people from across the globe. Kaleda attributes the success to, first and foremost, the amazing staff, but second to the solid processes that were put in place early on. “We deliver a consistent and superior website and marketing product to each of our customers and that is a direct correlation to our people and processes”, she said.

Though freedom of time and money can seem like an unattainable goal to many entrepreneurs, Kaleda’s mission is to teach business owners like you how to achieve it—and at lightning speed. She’s got the tools to move you to the next level in your business and bring you closer to your Perfect Day.


For Coaches: “Marketing beyond advertising”

We will talk about some speciality programs, social media presence, and affinity marketing)


For owners: “Scaling a company fast- the sacrifices and set back that lead to success”