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Jochem Oldenbroek

Jochem Oldenbroek is part one of a two-man team heading UnScared. In the past he has worked as head of marketing for Eleiko, Fitness and Training manager for Reebok, and Business Coach for the VIVE group. He loves to coach people and thrives on setting up new projects. His main responsibilities at UnScared are business development and marketing. When not in the gym he prefers to crash on his mountain bike, getting into a pillow fight with his kids or eating chocolate.



In his one hour workshop we dive deeper into the art and science of collecting, analyzing and acting on customer feedback.

Do you start with Google Reviews, a questionnaire, polls on Instagram or just talking to members? Should I build an app? Or use Google forms?

The overwhelming options available might result in paralysis by analysis. But by using just a few tools you can dramatically increase the retention of both your staff and members.

After this workshop you walk away with a practical guide to directly improve your gym business. Expect a hands-on approach and sharing best practices together. No sitting back and zoning out!