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Georgia Smith

The Burnout Effect: Finding Longevity in Coaching

Too many coaches enter the industry bright-eyed and excited to share their passion for fitness with others, only to find out that it’s not all high-fives and working out. Burnout in the coaching industry is a real problem, and while coaches may be focused on creating sustainable fitness habits for their clients, they don’t always reflect on how their own practices align with career longevity. I’ll share three big mistakes that can lead to coach burnout and the solutions that can be found in simple daily habits and beliefs.

About Georgie Smith

Georgia believes that physical fitness is an essential part of living a fulfilling life. Through her role on the OPEX Fitness team, as a remote coach with Big Dawgs, and instructing kids in BJJ, she is passionate about helping others realize their physical potential and making fitness a part of their lifestyle.

Moving from Australia to the United States in 2014, Georgia pursued her love of fitness and quickly found herself coaching and managing a CrossFit gym. In the search for further education she discovered OPEX, and within a few months of undertaking the CCP program knew it was a movement that she needed to be a part of.

When she’s not talking to coaches, writing programs, and creating awesome fitness education content, you’ll find Georgia in her happy place—on the mats practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.