Xendurance - State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Xendurance was founded in 2006 with the ambitious goal of transforming the Sports Nutrition landscape.

Armed with decades of experience, both as an athlete and strength and conditioning professional, founder Sandy Kellin focused on three traits to execute the Xendurance vision.

1. Scientific Efficacy. In a world of noise and misinformation, Xendurance chooses to support only those compounds backed by rigorous scientific research. From the decade of independent research and clinically proven ingredients behind Xendurance to the extensively researched Creapure used in Creatine-JB, only those substances with proven efficacy have a place in our product line. Rather than make unsubstantiated claims, we continually ask third parties to test product performance with invariably positive results.

2. State-of-the-Art Manufacturing. Inconsistent manufacturing standards have plagued much of the Sports Nutrition industry with products relying on proprietary blends that don’t contain effective dosing or tainted with foreign substances. Our products are produced in controlled environments, only in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified facilities. Dedication to these standards, ensure the product you receive contains exactly the ingredients listed and nothing it shouldn’t. Xendurance partners with the largest independent sports drug laboratory in the world, to certify each product free of banned substances.

3. Accessibility for all Athletes. When bobsledding for Team USA in East Germany, Sandy Kellin noted how difficult it was to find supplementation that was scientifically proven and reliably manufactured. Even the supporting effective Sports Nutrition was cloudy and privileged information. Xendurance strives to support the publication of scientific research and make our product line available to athletes of all abilities. The health and performance benefits of our proprietary compounds are not just for professional athletes, but can have a positive impact on the wellness of every active person.
As a company, Xendurance continues to make these three tenets a priority in our ongoing mission for superior Sports Nutrition. Proven, Clean, and Accessible products to make an impact on your health and performance.