Invictus Travel – who we are

We want more out of training camps and holidays. This all started with a discussion during a training camp where we all got to know each other. We quickly realized that we had similar thoughts – this can be developed and done better.

Back in Sweden we continued our dialogue and spoke about why training holidays were increasing, what we could contribute with, and how we could turn our discussions into reality. Shortly we were in agreement that all training camps and holidays should strengthen the participant both physically and mentally. When the whole idea had grown enough we took the giant leap and created Invictus Training & Travel.

A training holiday with Invictus shall leave you feeling strong, both through physical training, as well as mental development. It is our belief that this combination during a camp will give you more, and will have a more lasting effect. This is also the reason why we have put in a great effort in our choice of destinations and resorts. We have chosen to work with partners that live to deliver the best possible conditions for their guests training. We have researched and made sure that they have a similar ambition to build their company on being personal, inspiring, knowledgeable and creative.

No matter what level you wish to reach with your training, we hope that our holidays and camps will help you to get closer to your goal. This is the reason that we put so much energy into your personal ambitions and life situation. Our training is for the most part done in a group, but each participant will experience personal attention. In this way you can come home as yourself, just stronger. You. Just Stronger!

Are you interested in learning about what we can do for you and your members without committing to anything? Let’s book a phone or skype meeting to talk about all the fun stuff!

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