In Borås, Sweden, two friends, seeking new athletic challenges, suffered an instant addiction to the functional fitness phenomenon called CrossFit after stepping into a box for the first time. Their love of the high intensity, the physical strain, bittersweet pain and adrenaline driven euphoria fueled their need of everything associated with their new obsession. Consequently, the two friends ordered specific CrossFit training products from overseas, and geared up from head to toe. But soon, they realized that the supply and quality of the workout wear on the market at the time was simply not good enough. That’s when they decided to do something about it and CLN Athletics was born.

The two founders are composed of Per-Oscar Berggren, a specialist in technical sportswear and his long time friend and neighbor, Robin Rudholm, a former professional race car driver who, nowadays owns his own advertising agency. In 2014 they launched their own brand CLN Athletics, with the aim of providing enduring and functional training wear for tough WOD´s to everybody that has fallen in love with CrossFit like them. What largely started out as a hobby project soon grew into a success story.

In the striving of becoming a world leading brand for functional sportswear, CLN Athletics collaborates currently with some of the best athletes in Europe. Our team has been performing really well in all sorts of competitions and even have made it to the CrossFit Games. Their great dedication to the sport, undoubtable strength and skills, have proven to be the ultimate examples for the CLN lifestyle. Get to know our stars even better! Visit the tab: ”Athletes” here on our website.

CLN Athletics’ mission is to ultimately equip athletes with the best training clothes on the market – shorts, tights, tops, t-shirts, long sleeves, jackets and socks that are able to endure the constantly varied high-intensity movements that are part of the very nature of CrossFit. That is why, we develop attractive and innovative products that enhance the athlete’s capacity at controlling the body both dynamically and statically while maximizing strength-to-weight ratio and flexibility.

We believe in a clean and pure scandinavian design with inspiration from the refreshing nature of the sport we love. Additionally, we always put a lot of love in the details. Our products’ feature a clean, no fuss silhouette and we are aiming with our fit to establish a creative connection between the handcraft of tailoring and proven function. Carefully placed cut lines are innovated to extend the product benefits and stylishness without disrupting the function or the athletes range of motion.

As part of our values it is vital for CLN to stay forward thinking. Therefore, we put a nonstop effort in securing excellent material and in seeking the most modern design and perfect fit. Our production stands for top quality since we work with materials of the highest standards manufactured by well-known factories of functional clothing.

As lovers of CrossFit we promote a lifestyle based on the passion to our sport, living a CLN lifestyle means to embrace the pure potential of the human body. CLN, a term that derives from the olympic lifting barbell exercise, symbolizes a both clean and healthy training life as well as relate to our clean and pure scandinavian design. Living a CLN life is to lead by example and heading your own path toward the pursuit of full life quality.

We at CLN recognize that your needs do not differ much from the top athletes. It’s all about being able to increase power, speed, strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and accuracy with rapid efficiency that will give you a unique advantage.

And the desire for extended power lives inside all of us.
So equip yourself ultimately and meet us in the box!