What’s our story?
Northern Spirit was founded 2013 in Helsingborg in Sweden, as an attempt to create a brand that reflects the life and style of the Crossfit Commuinty all over the world.
Our brand name comes from the movie Northern Spirit by Nikolaj Ronnow. The movie showed us a Danish Crossfit-scene at the time. Seeing those Danish and Icelandic badasses working out in a former slaughterhouse, outside on the concrete or in the dark at a random copenhagen parkinglot – gave us the answer of what the Crossfit lifestyle is according to us. Ever since then we’re providing clothes that both are high in quality and hard as a danish slaughterhouse in style – to people all over the world that share our passion for Crossfit.


What’s our mission?
To continue provide great products for you, the people in the boxes, in the slaughterhouses, in the parking lots and in the garages that will make you jump higher, lift heavier, row faster, look better and smile A LOT more.

What is it like to be in the Northern Spirit community?

The community of Northern Spirit is like belonging to one big, badass family. Wheter you are a box owner, crossfit athlete, ambassador, employee, partner or whatever you might be – you are truly welcome to a friendly community with lots of crazy happenings.

Except from always beeing present online, another way for us to reach the Crossfit community is to work with owners of Crossfit boxes and develop their box clothing for their members. They have the possibility to choose from the entire assortment at our website and we then print their logos as they are or with a twist. We love beeing a part of peoples everyday training life when hitting new PR:s and reaching new goals. Some boxes we also sponsor their owners and coaches with clothing, just to make them a bit extra happy so they could inspire the community even more.