Eleiko Workshops

Workshop with Anders Lindsjö.

An everyday challenge for a coach is to find the right exercise and give the right instruction in the right way.

During this workshop we will cover lifting analysis, how to categorize exercises, choosing the right exercise, method of technique and the 4/4 coaching model.

We will primarily focus on technique enhancement based on the principles of weight lifting and teaching models for more efficient learning.

The workshop is both practical and theoretical. All participants will practice exercises to develop first, second and third pull, as well as mobility in the catch phase.


The Eleiko workshop is taking place at CF 162 West during Coaches Congress on  Friday January 24, ca 11:00-17:00. In order to book your spot, please send an e-mail to per@crossfitnorrtalje.se . The workshop is free for attendees of the Coaches Congress 2020.