Name: Martin Dahlberg

Phone: +46 (0)79 337 08 83


Nordic Fighter

Nordic Fighter is a company that imports and sells fitness products. We work directly with carefully chosen factories and suppliers around the world without any middleman. By working directly with factories that have their own quality control and research and development departments, we are able to provide our customers with top quality training equipment at an affordable price. We market most of our products under our own brands – Nordic Fighter and Thor Fitness, but we also have the privilege of having rights to market and distribute a few other big brands in fitness, such as BH-fitness and Ergo floor. Over the years we have built and cultivated a world spanning network of suppliers, totalling over 20 individual factories in nine different countries, each specialising in their own respective products.

Our ambition is to provide the Swedish market with the most affordable high-quality fitness and martial arts equipment. The fundamental idea is to always create the most value to our customers by working with small margins, low prices and top quality.