Name: Kimmo Mustonen

Phone: +46 709 57 67 23



In 1981, brothers Dick and Peter Dreissigacker invented the first Concept2 Model A Indoor Rower rowing machine. As an old national team rower, Bo Ekros, Concept’s founder, and his companions were convinced that training Sweden in 1993 would fall like pines for the perfect training tool: The rowing machine!

Initially, sales were sluggish as syrup, but the positive side effect was that demand for sweatbands, products and exercise bikes picked up.

Over the years, we have had a stable and positive development. The product portfolio has been broadened, the workforce has grown and knowledge has been deepened.

We work and seek internationally to see and follow the latest in training.

Concept2, Torque, KILO, Tanita and Woodway are examples of products we offer our customers. With a head office in Jönköping and a large modern central warehouse, we are ready to take care of our customers wherever the need arises.