Name: Stefan Ljung

Phone: +46 (0)72-516 01 30


Benchmark Group

Benchmark Group has developed a number of different brands and solutions:


A smart business system for the training industry. Wondr is an advanced, user-friendly tool with all features directly in the browser.

  • Find new customers.
    You easily build campaigns and capture leads in smart market channels.
  • Organize your sales process.
    Provides you with a complete sales strategy that will help you turn leads into customers.
  • Keep your members.
    Cursor your members using the retention system that automatically keeps track of your customers through push notifications, mail and text messages.
  • Take care of your business.
    Creates statistics and key figures in real time that give you full insight into your everyday lives.


Fast and easy food in your gym. Foodbox offers good and ready-made food for you.

Foodbox is a unique food series with several good, ready-made and nutritionally-prepared dishes for people who want to eat healthy and lose weight, specially designed for the training industry. The dishes contain a good balance between protein, natural fats and slow, good carbohydrates and are therefore excellent for people who want to feel good. Each meal contains about 400 kcal. You sell Foodbox directly at your gym.

Foodbox is currently available with approximately 400 retailers in Sweden. Foodbox is located in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Weight Trainer

Weight Trainer is a customised weight loss program where the member train alongside and are coached by a personal trainer, a training partner whose sole task is to motivate the member to achieve the results they want.

More Müsli

Our products are 100% organic. We have chosen non-toxic for several reasons; We conserve both animals, nature and our own health.
More Müsli is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in a varied content of fruits, berries, nuts, seeds and whole grains.


From idea to complete box. With one foot in the traditional and the other in the present, Kraftmark creates gym equipment with a high focus on functionality and quality. Kraftmark wants to give you confidence in our products and to be innovative with equipment and meet the market with the latest in training.