Coaches Congress 2022 Recap

RECAP – Coaches Congress 2022 Hi dear gym owners and coaches!  I made a video summary of the presentations at Coaches Congress 2022. Soon we will be publishing the interviews with our speakers. Stay tuned!

How to make a change

Back to reality and back to life changing business. We need to keep motivation up! It is easy to get overwhelmed when we come home from Coaches Congress. The inspiration and high we had this weekend is quickly coming down. And I want to help you not to lose that inspiration and now get to […]

How to get more leads

How to get more leads The fuel of a microgym is sales and to make a sale you will need a lead, someone who has a problem that you can solve and that is interested in your business. What many believe is that to get leads you need to do facebook or instagram marketing or […]

Raising Prices

Raising Prices Price rises for small businesses are a sensitive subject. I run a micro gym myself, where we get to know our members very closely, and it can definitely be scary to raise prices because we believe there will be a lot of reactions. Over the past year, through my role as a mentor […]

How to find coaches

In the last post here on Coaches Congress I wrote about that you need to stop cleaning your toilets and preferably get someone else to do it. Today I wanted to write about how to find coaches for your gym. When we open a gym we do it because we love coaching and helping people […]

Stop cleaning your toilets

In one of the classical quotes of Greg Glassman he said that you can distinguish how well a gym is doing by looking how clean their toilets are. What he meant was that if somebody is not taking care of how the gym looks like will also loose clients. And he is 100% right. If […]