Should you work with Class Pass?

Back in the days my gym Escapist CrossFit collaborated with one of the biggest providers on the market for gym access memberships. It was a decision that I then regretted because it pushed my best clients away. Almost a decade ago they started to pop up in most countries, the online gym membership providers that […]

D-A-CH BEST affiliates

This weekend I had the honour to give a small lecture/workshop at the CrossFit Affiliate gathering in Hamburg. Many of owners are our own islands and usually never see or meet anyone that is in the same shoes as we are. Some affiliates are doing well and some others are having more struggles.  Some affiliates […]

Finding and hiring staff

One of the biggest mistakes I have done as a gym owner is in my process of finding and hiring coaches.  It took me about 4 years to get to a system that is good for the gym but also for the coaches. Our first hire is usually a coach and it is usually when […]

Killing time thieves Part 2 – Kill your programming!

In the first piece about time thieves I wrote about distractions and how they end up eating up a lot of our focus and our productivity. The reason some businesses are very successful is not because their CEOs magically have more than 24 hours per day, it comes down to that the job they do […]

Killing time thieves Part 1

I am very good at multi-tasking. At least that is what I tell myself but when I look at the outcome it is obvious that my multitasking is making me loose focus and distracts me from what is most important. This is where time thieves start to sneak in and at the end of the […]

Why Coaches Congress came to Berlin

2019 I went for the first time to Coaches Congress in Stockholm to see Greg Glassman, Chris Cooper, Roty McKernan et al. I was not prepared on all the great lectures I got that weekend but it was clear to me this was something unique. The people I met and got friends with are people […]

Podcast: Kaleda Connell CEO KILO

Kaleda Connell, CEO KILO IN this episode we meet Kaleda Connell who is the CEO of KILO but also a Two-Brain Mentor. She used to own a very profitable gym but decided to sell them gym in late 2019 to fully focus on her new business KILO.

CEO Eleiko Erik Blomberg “Leading with Kindness”

Erik Blomberg is the CEO of Eleiko and has been a speaker twice at the Coaches Congress. After his keynote speech Rickard and Malin grabbed him for an interview to go deeper on his topic about leading with kindness.

Coaches Congress 2022 Recap

RECAP – Coaches Congress 2022 Hi dear gym owners and coaches!  I made a video summary of the presentations at Coaches Congress 2022. Soon we will be publishing the interviews with our speakers. Stay tuned!

How to make a change

Back to reality and back to life changing business. We need to keep motivation up! It is easy to get overwhelmed when we come home from Coaches Congress. The inspiration and high we had this weekend is quickly coming down. And I want to help you not to lose that inspiration and now get to […]